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My Story

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Domestic violence is an issue that I am passionate about irradiating. I believe that domestic violence has been tolerated in our society far too long and is one of the main problems in America. It's effects touch everyones lives in some form.

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My story below is brief, but intence. I felt it is important to tell the violence that my children and I were subjected to. We cannot remain silent anymore...we are not victims anymore.

I am a survivor of domestic violence, as are my children. Getting out was not simple, and my life did not suddenly get better. There was too much pain to work through, but I got out, stayed out and am getting stronger inside everyday, and I am alive.

Every time a fist was raised, there was potential for my children and I to die. I know what black-eyes, broken fingers, broken ribs, hair being pulled out of my head, being thrown over funiture, slammed against walls, head beaten and cracked open feels like. My children know what it is like to watch these things happen to their mother. I did not deserve to be treated that way, my kids did not deserve to have to watch it.

My son has been severly emotionaly disabled as a result and has had to go into a residential home to be able to work through his pain and anger. My daughter was young enough when I got out that she has fared much better than my son and I.

The man who did this to me and my children, served 13 months in prison. I have not seen him since I ran from my home at 2am in the morning with my kids on Dec 3, 1993. The time he served is NOTHING compared to the time I have to take to help myself and my children heal.

The saddest truth is that my story never needed to happen.

There is no excuse for domestic violence.