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Gaining Clarity

The window into my mind has opened
and I see you there
with your back turned.
I am sitting in a dark place crying...

Why must this dance be done?
back and forth as the tune is always changing
so many insecuritys draw us near
yet drive us away, as a passion burns...

Who am I, why am I at this place in my life?
Is there some permanance in what I have gained?
What is forever, what is borrowed time?
Is what I am doing ok?

God, I am feeling and thinking!
This hurts, that feels good
can I still hide?

Whats mine?

I am so new to sobriety,
I have so much growing to do I have to figure out my own way
can I do that and be with you?


Tell me you will stay
as childish as it is, it is where I am at.

As my soul moves
thru the ink, to the paper
I give what I am capable of
at any given moment
And answers to abstract questions
can only be given
with what is real at the moment.

I laugh and cry
desire, and grieve, for so much.
wise beyond years, yet I carry
infantile, secret wishes.

I believe I am strong to share them with you
for my voice won't be stiffled
anymore, than my own limitations
on myself,
part of my new gained freedom

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