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The Facts

Battering is rarely an isolated incident in a relationship and escalates both in intensity and frequency.

Domestic violence occurs among all races, religions, communities, age brackets and socioeconomic groups.

Children who witness or merely exist in an atmosphere of domestic violence suffer emotional, physical, and developmental problems.

There is help to free yourself-and your children- from the legacy of domestic violence.

Warning Signs of Abuse

ISOLATION: Expects you to spend all of your time together; doesn't allow you to make friends or use the telephone

JEALOUSY: Signs of possessiveness; follows you, checking mileage on the car and going through personal belongings to "check up" on you.

BLAMING: Minimizing abuse and how it makes you feel; blaming you for causing the abuse.

CONTROLLING: Making you feel like a child; controlling all the money; threatening and intimidating.

EXPLOSIVE ANGER: Unpredictable outbursts of anger

pushing, shoving, hitting, slapping, shaking, kicking, punching and choking;

threatening to hurt or kill you or your children;

forcing sexual acts;

hurting pets or destroying items special to you;

isolating you from friends, family, coworkers;

checking up on you unexpectedly and inappropriately (ie., at work)

blaming you for violent behavior;

suggesting you are crazy


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In memory of women everywhere whose lives have been affected by violence.

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